Real Estate & Construction


PPT Legal has extensive knowledge and represents local and international developers, investors, private equity funds and major corporations on all aspects of real estate property acquisition, development and construction.

Our wide legal expertise covers the following areas:

  • Legal advice on proprietary matters including sale and purchase, donations, inheritance, division, distribution and joint ownership;
  • Legal advice on properties subject to special applicable legislation such as church law and legal limitations such as environmental and urban planning, protection of forests, antiquities, border areas etc.;
  • Legal due diligence including search on titles of ownership and encumbrances as well as setting up real estate portfolios and data rooms;
  • Elaboration and negotiation of complex property contracts such as sale and purchase, sale and lease back, commercial leases, construction and project management of professional and residential buildings and agreements regulating their subsequent operation and use;
  • Investment planning and financing, including equity financing, loan restructuring, joint ventures, real estate mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, privatization and international public tenders;
  • Dispute resolution.

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