The aviation team at PPT Legal is highly specialized and provides clients from the US, Europe and the Middle East, as well as local aircraft owners, operators and financiers, with a full legal service on all aspects of the aviation transactions and aviation related matters, claims and disputes, including aviation agreements, registration, finance, tax, customs, insurance, regulatory, commercial and corporate aspects of the aviation industry and litigation.

Our aviation lawyers have vast experience dealing with international transactions and wide expertise in the following areas:

  • regulatory and legislative framework governing the aviation sector;
  • tax (including the recent development allowing exemption from transfer tax while an aircraft remains registered in Greece);
  • finance and lease structures;
  • acquisition, transfer and sale of aircraft and engines;
  • wet or dry leasing of aircraft;
  • aircraft registration and deregistration;
  • finance and security documentation;
  • registration of simple or preferred mortgages;
  • aircraft liens and detention of aircraft for various claims and charges including Eurocontrol charges;
  • ground handling and supply contracts and other commercial agreements;
  • dispute resolution and litigation;
  • repossession of aircraft, either voluntary or judicial, including ordinary and/or swift injunction proceedings;
  • awarding exploitation license to airlines and to ground handling providers on a supervisory services basis or full basis;
  • aviation insurance;
  • formation of aviation companies;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • restructuring and insolvency.

The team members have published articles and work in numerous books and international publications, including Aircraft Finance Registration, Security and Enforcement, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1988 with updates, Repossession of Aircraft and Insolvency in EC Countries, London, Lloyd’s of London Press, 1993, Aircraft Liens & Detention Rights, London, Sweet & Maxwell ,1998 with updates, The law of (Road, Rail and Air) Transports”, Athens, 1994, p. 383 and The Limitation of Liability of the International Air Carrier of Cargo, Article in Law of Enterprises and Companies, vol. 1999, p. 898 et seq.

The aviation team is also familiar with the new field in aviation, Seaplane Transportation in Greece, which is in the final stage of materializing with a great demand from investors for seaplanes operation for a quick connection not only to the islands, but also to the seaside places in the continent of Greece.

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