Our Law Firm has significant expertise in handling employment law matters, both from a collective and from an individual employment relations perspective.

Indicatively, our field of expertise includes the following aspects:

  • drafting employment contracts of various types, depending on the specific needs of the employer and employee in question (e.g. employees in managerial positions, BoD members etc.) as well as assisting with hiring formalities;
  • addressing matters pertaining to compliance with mandatory employment law provisions (e.g. overtime work, annual leave, Christmas, Easter and annual leave bonuses etc.);
  • assisting with lawful completion of the termination formalities of the employment relation (e.g. drafting relevant documentation, advising on limitations to the right of termination, advising on the severance compensation etc.);
  • preparing Internal Labour Regulation and/or Anti-Harassment Policy when/where necessary or appropriate and updating contents of relevant company policies, as the case may be;
  • liaising with the competent authorities (Labour Inspectorate Body, Single Social Security Fund – E.F.K.A. etc.) in order to ensure compliance with employment law formalities;
  • advising on collective bargaining agreements (execution, publication formalities, enforceability etc.) and on relations between the employer and trade unions or work councils, as the case may be;
  • addressing matters pertaining to the protection of the legal status of employees in cases of collective dismissals, or in case of transfer to another entity as a result of corporate restructuring.

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